Eagle Creek 2012

Eagle Creek with Andrew and Patrick, 12-13JULY2012
This was Patrick’s first backpack trip. I figured that at 7 years of age, he was worthy of a good hike. So, with Andrew’s help, off we went to the Columbia River Gorge and the start of the Eagle Creek trip. The trail goes up 7.5 miles before diverting into several other trails. I wasn’t sure how far Patrick would be able to go, and so picked a trail that would allow for many possibilities to stop early to 7.5 miles. We made it up to 4.5 miles. Patrick carried a pack, including his sleeping bag and pad, and clothes, so he had proportionally slightly more weight per size that either Andrew or I. That afternoon, we walked another 1.5 miles up to Tunnel Falls, and then turned back. The evening was spent in the tent without a fly, and the weather was absolutely perfect. We decided to hike back the next day, aborting a day early, but spending time at the Punchbowl.
Patrick with Andrew, fresh and ready to start
The trail was created out of dynamite for about 1/3 of the distance. The dynamite used was of the native Indian variety, and not the synthetic stuff used by modern man to destroy nature.
Patrick still fresh
The Three Musketeers
Arrival at camp, 4.5 miles later
Tunnel Falls
Eager to go home
The Punchbowl in HDR
After we returned to the car, we drove along the old Columbia River highway to Crown Point and then back to Gresham. We are a few sights.