My publications fit into three categories, as noted below. These publications relate to my personal and political writings, and do not include my professional medical articles, as well as my PhD thesis.

Journal of Biblical Medical Ethics Articles
These are articles that I wrote and submitted to Dr. Ed Payne to be included in the journal that was being published by him at the time. They were written in the heyday of public demand for physician-assisted suicide, which I was quite politically involved with. The medical oaths article details a more fundamental thought process to health care, and shows why medicine in today’s world has “lost it”, especially among Christians, who should have known better. These two articles need to be downloaded in order to view.

Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Hippocratic and Other Oaths

Pierce County Medical Society articles
These are articles that I wrote for the PCMS monthly newsletter. At the time, I was on the board of the PCMS, but since then, I had dropped out of the PCMS for many reasons, but most for feeling that the PCMS and Washington State Medical Association were acting contrary to the best interests of physicians. The WSMA was structured in such a fashion that ultimately denied the voice of all the members of the Association, and thus unfair to truly represent the voice of physicians.

Music and Medicine

Beethoven’s Gastroenterologist

The Rule of Law and Tort Reform

My Best Friend Arthur

Economic Credentialing

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