Training Rides 2008

04,05JULY2008 Training Rides for STP 120 mile Auburn-Tenino Loop, 50 mile Ride to Carbonado
I should be ready for the STP. Friday, I went with Jonathan Kamke on a long loop that included the most difficult stretch of the STP up the hill in Puyallup. During that trip, my bicycle hit the 1000 mile mark…

and Jonathan hit his first Century ride.

The next day, I did a solo very hilly ride up to Carbonado. I started out slightly aching, but those pains soon went away, and I felt about as strong as the day before. I’ll do one more short ride before doing the 203 mile STP next weekend. The lead photo is a photo of the entry into Wilkeson…
More lessons learned. 1) Oblique railroad tracks are quite dangerous in wet weather. Both days were wet, overcast, and drizzly, which is ideal riding weather, though the bike becomes messy, and railroad tracks threaten. Just outside of Roy, I flew off the bike after hitting an oblique track. I quickly learned my lesson. 2) Know how to repair your bike yourself. I’ve been reading the Park Manual of Bicycle Repair more frequently. Nobody can tune a bike up like yourself for the best settings of derailleurs and brakes. 3) Ride steady, fuel yourself often. Constant eating on the bike keeps you from bonking early.