The Merry Month of May 2015

May was a busy month. I had three main activities that consumed my time.
1. Adventure Cycle Association Leadership Course
This course is required by those who wish to lead ACA tours, but is also an excellent source of information for leading one’s own bicycling adventures. The classes were held at Champoeg State Park in Oregon, south of Portland and along the Willamette River. It was three packed days of most classwork, but also with short rides mixed in. Much discussion was held in discussing the ACA philosophy of leadership, being that of allowing tour participants much freedom of individual decisions and responsibility. The ACA regimen of daily cycling activity, and conflict resolution were also discussed. I had a great time, met some delightful people, and hope to be assisting in the leadership of tours soon.
The Willamette River at Champoeg State Park
Camping at Champoeg State Park; my tent is on the far left
Classroom discussion with Joyce
Wally and the staff make dinner
Chowing down
2. Dayton, WA bicycling
It has been several years since Russ A. and I have gone to Dayton, WA for bicycle riding. Another friend of Russ, Pete, also comes with, and is a great complement to the rides. This year, our first ride was loop down to Walla Walla, starting from Howie’s cabin, half way from Dayton up to the Bluewood Ski Resort. The second day was a mountain bike ride up into the Blue Mountains, and a most serious grunt. The third day took us to Starbuck, and north of Dayton. The weather was perfect, and rides were most delightful.
Second day mountain bike ride, just after a beastly climb
The Three Musketeers
Russ at home in the Blue Mountains
3. Hikes to Indian Henry’s — two variations
On two consecutive weekends, Jon and I hiked up to Indian Henry’s hunting grounds, a most beautiful spot on the timberline of Mount Rainier. The first hike took the Kautz Creek route, which goes straight up a ridge following Kautz Creek up to Indian Henry’s, wrapping around Mt. Ararat. The top photo is of Mt. Ararat engulfed in clouds. On this hike, the weather was overcast, and we could not see the mountain. Close to Indian Henry’s, we hit much snow, which eventually led us to turn back. The second weekend, we followed the Wonderland Trail going counter-clockwise around the mountain. The weather was spectacular, and most of the snow at Indian Henry’s had since melted. The views of the mountain were awesome.
More flowers
And More flowers
Jon on the Kautz Creek hike
Me on the Kautz Creek hike
Approaching Indian Henry’s. Lots of flowers and little snow.
Indian Henry’s Hunting Grounds via the Wonderland Trail
Leaving Indian Henry’s
We camped here before on the Wonderland Trail, and will be camping here again in August when we do the Wonderland Trail again.