Synology DS1511+ with 5 Western Digital 2 tbyte Black Caviar hard drives and DX510 Expansion module with 5 Western Digital 2 tbyte Black Caviar hard drives ★★★★★
This is my new system of memory. It came at the recommendation of Jason L. Not being a techno-guru, I had some concerns regarding configuration problems and setup, yet it worked immediately after assembling all the hard drives and putting the thing together. I made one small mistake in that I tried to make both the main unit and the expansion module into one volume, which simply won’t work. I have it running in RAID 5 configuration so that each module consists of 20 tbytes of memory, but I functionally am working with 14 tbyte (giving me a total of 28 tbyte), and if any single hard drive goes out, I can simply swap it out and have no data loss. Now, I need to cat5 wire our house, so that I might leave this system elsewhere in the house. Not that it matters, since the system has no fans, runs completely cool, and makes no noise.
I have all my movies, music, and photography stored on this system, with volume left over. My only frustration so far has nothing to do with Synology, but with Apple iTunes, which will not allow me to make the Synology as my main location for iTunes playing on a remote computer.