Seattle to Portland One Day

This was my second STP, and we decided to do it in one day. It is a double century, with a distance of 202.5 miles. Fourteen hours after a start at 5 am, Luc and I crossed the finish line, still going rather strong.
Here are the beginning and ending photos….

I rode my yellow bird, which held up wonderfully. I got no back pain nor neck pain, and the pain in my butt was more chafing than pain from sitting on the saddle for 13 hours with only short breaks. The STP was sunny but cooler this year than last. It also seemed to have fewer hills. I didn’t understand that, except that I might have gotten a bit stronger on the hills. Luc was still awesome, setting the pace the entire distance. He is really a strong cyclist. Russ did well, but 160 miles into our venture, was having some crampy abdominal pain which made it miserable for him. All of this means that we will have to do it again next year because I want to see Russ cross the finish line in style. He has better cycle strength than me, so it should not be a problem for him.