Scandalous-The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, by DA Carson ★★★★
This book is the product of five sermons given by DA Carson to the Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It is a set of loosely organized sermons oriented around the cross, with a focus on the events that occurred at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, including Jesus being mocked, the raising of Lazarus, and the story of Thomas. It also had a sermon on Rom. 3 related to the atonement, as well as a sermon from Revelation about Christ reigning through the cross. I liked this book because Carson provided some fresh insights into the meaning of Christ’s death, spoken in a manner that is not just a theological rehash. Carson tends to always provide practical advice on living based on the theology of the cross. I do find reading sermons to be a bit tedious, since they would be better off listening to, yet Carson manages to hold one’s attention in a delightful fashion, making the book a worthy read.