Robocop series

RoboCop, RoboCop II, RoboCop III ★★★
At the end of Robocop III, it was easy to see that the movie was terminated with the possibility of a sequel. Not making the mistake of the Alien series, we were spared that torture and the movie studios let a good thing end gracefully. This is not really a “tough guy” film, like Rambo or Die Hard. It is more appealing to the Marxist-Socialist types in America, in that it suggests that corporate America generates the evil that oppresses the freedom-loving poor of this world, and that this corporate entity either lives in bed or pressures the government to do wrong. Robocop was a cyborg, invented by a corporate firm, contracted to defend the streets of Detroit. Already, the film becomes a no-brainer. Detroit, even in the 1980s, was not a city worth defending. All the same, the creators of Robocop attempt to use this half-policeman half-robot to their advantage. Robocop II and III show the development of more sophisticated Robocops, yet our hero, Robocop I, continues to find a way to gain ultimate victory. The action is good and the storyline is reasonably well written to allow an absence of predictability and hold ones’ interest; thus the three stars. All in all, not the worst film, and moderately entertaining, though the prevailing message is usually confused.