Odds and Ends 10MAR2012

Odds and Ends (February to March 2012) Mostly trip reports…
The year actually started out with a bicycle ride with me and Patrick. Look at the kid. He’s awesome!

Betsy and I celebrated her birthday in early February with a trip to the Oregon Coast. We dropped by Portland on the way, and when visiting brother Gaylon, noted some highly suspicious activity around Gaylon’s pad. We suspect that they were looking for space aliens. Oder? The photo is above.

We then headed to the coast. Betsy got a surprise in the hotel room, where she had balloons, cake and champagne waiting…

The coast photography didn’t turn out the best, but I’ve included a few shots…

Sea Lion cavesTillamook Cheese Factory
Making and Packaging the Cheese
Getting photographs

Last Thursday (08MAR2012) I finally decided to do an outside ride since the weather was fantastic. I rode from home up to the Rainier National Park entrance at Carbon River, about 112 km and 985 meters of climbing. It took about 5 hours. It was very windy, and I was in snow at the end of the ride…
Carbon River entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park 08MAR2012
So, I bid you auf Wiedersehen.