Muslim Mafia

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry ★★★
This book was motivated by PD Gaubatz posing as a CAIR undercover operative, revealing his discoveries within CAIR. It is not a fun read book, but more an encyclopedic exposé of CAIR operations. Thus, while informative, it is more a compendium of semi-organized findings within the daily operations of CAIR. Certainly, the book leaves one with the feel for the covert operations of various Muslim groups in the US, especially in regard to terrorist tactics. One is often left wondering about the direction that US Muslim relations should take. I accept that most Muslims are not bent on the destruction of America or the forced proselytization and institution of Sharia law in the US. Yet, the refusal of the ordinary Arab/Muslim person to speak out against injustice and violence performed by their Islam brothers tends to speak volumes against the non-bias of most Muslims throughout the world. While Americans would eagerly marginalize Christian extremists that seek violent means to their end, the typical Muslim response is that of praise and glorification of their insane “martyrs”. In effect, the behavior of respectable Muslims leaves me uncertain of my ability to trust their stated deeper motives of peace. I remain friends with many Muslims, but remain troubled by their inability of seeing clear distinctions between truth and falsehood, even in their own religion.  This book does point out that America’s desire for tolerance has so thoroughly crippled its ability to see clearly and manage the Islam equation in America, and, unable to do that, will assuredly loose the war on terrorism.