Mt Hood Summit attempt

This attempt was yesterday with Ronn Goodnough and Doug King on the South route (trade route) of Mt. Hood. We achieved approximately the 9500 ft. level, at the base of crater rock, before weather conditions deteriorated to the point that it would not be either comfortable or provide a good view on top, and with some climbing members surprised that the ascent of a peak was as strenuous as it was, realized that they needed slightly more physical conditioning. That’s ok. I also got into condition at the beginning of a climbing season by just doing it, realizing that the first climb would be tough, and the rest far more endurable. So, we headed up the mountain at 00:20, with the first stop at Silcox Warming Hut.

This first photograph is with me and Dr. King. We were already quite warm. Since it was pitch black, we all needed headlamps to climb. We continued our ascent until the summit disappeared, and all that we saw was this…