Moses und Aron

Moses und Aron, by Arnold Schönberg, Wiener Oper ★★
This is an unfinished opera by Arnold Schönberg, the inventor of 12-tone music, and staged at the Vienna Opera. It was not a really likable opera and I honestly could not wait until the end of the opera. The music was the most bearable part of the opera, though quite cacophonic, seemed to fix the sets. The staging was bizarre-I weary with the use of trench coats and suitcases, as it seems like it is a worn-out idea in the minimalist operatic regimen. Can’t set designers to be a little more creative? The philosophy and theology of Schönberg is a mix of Karl Barth and the Tübingen school, in Jewish clothing-a god completely incomprehensible, and completely other and thus not communicable. This is a good reference DVD to show exactly why Schönberg is not more popular on the operatic circuits.