More Shostakovich

Shostakovich: Girlfriends, performed by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Tale of the Priest and His Worker, Balda, Songs and Waltzes, performed by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra with Thomas Sanderling ★★★★★
As with my previous post, the review of these CDs reflect my horrid infatuation with the music of Shostakovich. All three of these CDs were budget, yet absolute marvelous specimens of music, impeccably and creatively performed, charming, enjoyable, and compelling. The Songs and Waltzes were particularly attractive, in definite competition with the best of the Johann Strauss waltzes. Shostakovich is not known well enough for his greatness. Much of the music on these CDs is totally accessible. They are not atonal pieces of cacophony so typical of much modern music, but reflect a creativity distinctive of 20th century music while not straining the ear of the listener, and very tuneful. Thus, my highest recommendations.