Mercury Living Presence

Mercury Living Presence Collector’s Edition ★★★★
This is a collection of 50 CDs, representing a spectrum of albums produced by Mercury Living Presence (MLP). Many of the recordings in this set represented vinyl discs that were popular as a kid. MLP was an American recording company, that focused heavily on American classical and popular productions. Specifically were recordings of Antal Dorati with the Minnesota Symphony, Byron Janis, Frederick Fennell, Gena Bachauer, and Janos Starker, to name a few. Also included was distinctly American Music, including that of Copland, and Howard Hanson. The recordings were a mix in quality, some with a slightly distant sound to them. Many of the records would not have been my first choice, there is occasionally tracks that are speech and not music, and civil war music, Mexican music, and some of the other recordings were performed simply to record historical sounds rather than to provide musical enjoyment. When one looks at the cost of this set, it was very affordable at under $2 / disc, definitely a bargain by any perspective.