Mendelssohn Chorwerke

Mendelssohn Chorwerke, performed by the Chamber Choir of Europe with Nicol Matt ★★★★
These choral works are entirely religious, and encompass the breadth of Mendelssohn’s career. Purchased from, they are a steal at less than $3/disc. Some are works that are quite popular, such as Hör mein Bitten, but performed better than more expensive recordings that I have purchased in the past. There was no piece in this set that was inferior, and the soloists were always in top form, not weak as is often heard with Mendelssohn performances. It is a pity that Mendelssohn is so seriously overlooked, especially among church choirs. It is also a pity that Nicol Matt is not better known, as he is a first-rate conductor. Perhaps works like this will draw more attention to Mendelssohn, and we will see more high quality performances of his work.