Late January 2008

Well, Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and we try to maintain a tradition to help celebrate this great man, like eating fried chicken and watermelon. Unfortunately, I cannot talk freely about this day, since I am not of Negro African descent (there are Caucasian Africans–really!!!!), and fear any reprisal for not being politically correct, so I will eat my fried chicken in silence and reflection. My heart is right, and my lips are sealed. p.s. Our grandson may have a touch of African blood in him.
I had no intention of posting this blog so soon since I intend on posting only once a month. But, people tormented me, and I am condemned to publish this drivel for public review. Please note again the side comments for lawyers or litigious folk.
Several things are happening. One. I wrote a bunch of book, movie, and music reviews. You’ll find those under the subheading “Kritik” on my website. Two. Our medical office moved down the hallway to a larger office. We needed more space. It’s nice. Three. Struggling to re-invent medicine. It is intolerable in its current state. Four. Loving a new start-up church in Puyallup, called Resurrection Presbyterian Church. I’ll try an update on that in a few months.
I’ve gotten to talk over the phone in the last few days with the peregrinatious and dearly beloved daughters (Rachel and Diane) and am delighted to hear that they are both doing well. Jonathan is so way-out cool, at the U of W, and doing well. Sarah and Andrew remain just too wonderful for words. Andrew got a new bicycle, and so look forward to running him to death on the asphalt.
Meanwhile, stay cool, and keep your stick on the ice.