Karl May Orient Box

Karl May series Orient Box (Der Schut, Durchs Wilde Kurdistan, Im Reiche Des Silbernen Löwen) ★★★★★
Karl May was a popular author of adventure stories for older children, very well known in Germany. Many of his stories were made into movies in the 1960s, with Lex Barker starring as the main character. This box is 3 films from stories in the mid-east. These were actually filmed in (Yugoslavia??) but very well done in the Spaghetti-Western style. The stories are great, the acting is good, and for an English speaker, the German is not hard to understand. I especially appreciate the insulting jabs that the filmmaker gives to the Brits, with two British characters, and British officer and his servant, constantly bumbling their way through the desert, requiring others to rescue them, but always behaving in “proper” style, never omitting tea-time. The movie accurately characterizes various British-isms. This series is highly recommended to the German language student.