In My Place Condemned He Stood

In My Place Condemned He Stood, JI Packer and Mark Dever ★★★★★
This book resurrects a number of writings that have already been published in the past regarding the doctrine of penal substitution and propitiation. Unfortunately, it is a topic that has gone by the wayside on pulpits, so most Christians would look at you clueless as to exactly what you were talking about. Unfortunately, these doctrines are the absolute center of Christian orthodoxy, making Christianity different from all the other regions of the world, including Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., and also different from the whole of Christian cults or sects, such as Mormonism or JWism, or Christian Science. These doctrines were re-acknowledged by Martin Luther and John Calvin, which fueled the reformation. Yet, such doctrines go as a mystery among most Christians. Most of the chapters are requotes from classic JI Packer, including a chapter out of Knowing God, his preface from Death of Death by John Owen, and several other writings. The book is followed by an excellent reference list of further reading on the topic. One of the chapters by Packer is a touch technical, otherwise, the book should be approachable by most people grounded in the faith. It is a very worthwhile read.