Fremont Lookout with Enkelkinder

Labor Day 05SEPT2016 Hike with Flanagan Boys
The Flanagan kids were under Betsy and my care for Labor Day since Sarah was involved and Andrew had to work. We decided that they needed some excitement, so took them for a hike. The hike started at Sunrise, and we took one false turn onto the Huckleberry Creek trail, which led us about a mile and quite a few 100 feet elevation loss, which we had to retrace. The kids were very reluctant to pursue our goal, but the promise of Snicker bars at the Fremont Lookout Tower spurred them on. We did achieve the Fremont Lookout, as can be seen from the above photo. They were rather tired on return to the car, so we awarded them with a trip (at their choosing) to McDonalds.
A gaze down the valley of the Huckleberry Creek trail
The saddle where the main trail and Huckleberry Creek trail split. The children are squinting from the sunlight.
Another view from Mt. Fremont. There were many dozens of mountain goats that can be seen. Click on the picture to blow it up.
Looking back at Mt. Rainier and Burroughs Mountain from the Fremont Lookout
The kids a bit colder in the thin air of Fremont Mountain. Sammy discovers here the infamous Stone of Fremont