Eagle Creek 23-24JULY2009

This must be my 15th time up Eagle Creek, as it is definitely one of my favorite easy hikes. It was the very first backpack trip I’ve ever done, which almost led to calamity. At that time, when I was about 15 years old, this trail seemed to be a challenging tour de force, demanding only the bravest and the best. Since then, I have brought young kids up the trail and usually hiked to 7-1/2 mile camp in under 3 hours. The trail is spectacular, much of it created with dynamite. There are multiple waterfalls, the most photogenic being the punchbowl (above) at 2.5 miles in. The most impressive is tunnel falls, at about 6.5 miles in…

You can see how the trail walks behind the falls through a tunnel. It remains truly spectacular. There is also high bridge and low bridge

The first photo above is looking down the very steep canyon wall while on high bridge, at the rushing river.

Here I am with Russ Andersen and Jonathan. Unfortunately, Luc had to take the photo.  All in all, the trip brought back many memories, and because of no physical problems or blisters, made me anxious for more aggressive endeavors this summer.