Die Schöpfung: Karajan

Die Schöpfung, Conducted by von Karajan ★★★★★
This review is in conjunction with the review of the same piece conducted by Bernstein. While Bernstein offers a rather operatic approach to this Oratorio, Karajan offers a gentler, more pastoral rendering. The performance and recording are impeccable, the sound coming across with clarity and vibrancy in both pieces. Karajan manages to arrive at the soul of this piece in a better manner than Bernstein. This is a strange comment since Karajan is usually accused of performing too much to the camera. Yet, I see Bernstein as the more flamboyant conductor, when viewed on video. This flamboyancy comes through in the sound of the performance. This is my preferred performance of Die Schöpfung, even though I would give both pieces 5 stars. This piece is a perfect example as to why it is important to listen to the same piece by differing conductors, as the performance is distinctly different in each case.