Chuck Norris American Hero Collection

Chuck Norris Collection, including Delta Force I & II, Missing in Action I, II, & III. ★★★★
Having just seen the Die Hard Collection, the Lethal Weapon Series, and the Rambo series, I tended to like this series the most, with the Die Hard collection a close second. The Delta Force series included two settings, the first with terrorists in a NY airport, and the second with drug dealers from South America, and the MIA series dealt with, of course, Vietnam. Norris was entertaining in that he is not only a good actor but was able to maintain a storyline without much sex and obscene language. All of these films derive their entertainment value from the special effects of things blowing up. If that isn’t your cup of tea, watch something else. Fortunately, this collection came at under $15, and I wouldn’t pay much more for it.