Beethoven Violin Concerto

Beethoven Violin Concerto; with von Karajan and Anne-Sophie Mutter ★★★
It is uncharacteristic of me to give Karajan only three stars since he is my favorite conductor of the twentieth century. Even this piece was impeccably conducted and beats other performances for its interpretation. I found several things annoying about the recording. Camera work was often bizarre and not typical for filmed orchestral performances. The recording often left the solo violinist too quiet to adequately hear. Since this was recorded close to the end of Karajan’s career, there is a sense of the absence of his prior dynamism. Oddly, he had his eyes open more than is typical for him conducting orchestras. Mutter’s only expression of enjoyment was the last two seconds of the recording on completion of the piece. Regardless, she performed the virtuoso sections of the concerto without flaw and expressively. This is a performance perhaps best listened to and not watched.