These autobiographies are in .pdf format, and need to be downloaded in order to be viewed.

Kenneth Feucht (me)

This autobiography was written by me several years ago, and now is in need of an update. The update should include much more detail about my wife (Betsy) as well as updates on my activities and the grandchildren.

Samuel Jacob Feucht (father)
I did not participate in the writing of this autobiography, but it is included for my role in scanning the published pages, and getting it into a digital format. The file is .pdf and moderately large.

Helmut Hintz (a patient of mine)

Helmut HIntz was a patient of mine that eventually passed away. He had a remarkable story of his family escaping from East Germany and trusting in the Lord for their safety. When I suggested to Helmut that he write an autobiography, he declined until he discovered that he was my student teacher in German at Benson High School in Portland, Oregon. This is his tale.