Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Seasons 1-4 ★★★★★
This is a television series which ran for four seasons. Each season contained 4 DVDs, each DVD lasting about 3 hours and each episode about 25 minutes. Hitchcock would come on at the beginning and ending, to discuss some aspect of the film about to be seen. Each episode would use first-class actors, and most plots were quite delightful. Towards the end of the fourth season, Betsy and I could usually guess approximately what the ending might be, as they are not what one would suspect. Interestingly, Hitchcock in this series is frequently imitated. After all, there is no greater director of suspense films than him. All the episodes are in black and white, and nothing objectionable as is usually found on television nowadays is seen in this series, with minimal violence and certainly no sex or smut. Hitchcock shows that one doesn’t have to resort to filth in order to entertain. There are no Hitchcock cameos that I could find in any of the episodes. In all, this is an enjoyable and suspenseful series that is most highly recommended for all viewers.