The War On Conservatives

The War on Conservatives, by Mark Dice ★★★★

Mark Dice is a YouTube commentator whom I regularly watch and demonstrates great perception in what’s going on out there in our government and political circles. Mark offers many insights in his videos, which is further reflected in this book. Though Mark has written a number of books that focus on a singular theme, this book covers a broad spectrum of themes. Much of what is discussed in the book is also covered in his videos, though the book takes the freedom to discuss issues and circumstances which would lead to a YouTube ban. Topics include 1) the decline in public school education, 2) the war on the family, 3) the attack on the symbols, traditions, holidays and historic culture in society, 4) Christianity and churches under siege, 5) the promotion of sexual perversion (please Mark, call it what is is, and NOT LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+), 6) the invasion of our country through illegal immigration, 7) critical race theory (anti-whiteism), 8) main stream media and other government censorship, and 9) the failure of conservatives to stand up for the truth.

All of these issues are critical issues, and all of them are interconnected. Dice takes to the end of the book to circle around the real problem with the USA. It is not the politicians. It is not the deep state. It is not a select elite that control the country. It is not so-called “conspiracy theories” or secret societies. A cartoon best states the problem…

Old Testament prophets railed against evil leadership, but hit hardest on the general public that had lost faith in God, while retaining a gloss of religiosity. Americans are told a lie because they don’t want to know the truth. If they believe the “truth”, it relates to everybody but themselves. I look back on the hyper-conservative Amish-Mennonite church that I had grown up in, which is now in the throes of liberal thinking; their past attitude of “let the world go to hell, but we will hunker down in our own private little world” has served them no good. Even in the most conservative churches, you will rarely if ever heard preached the wrath of God, lest someone get offended, or the necessity of moral imperatives, lest the preacher be accused of legalism. The USA maintains a religious gloss but is rotten to the core, and so why shouldn’t God’s judgement be noted in all aspects of life? Not even Mark has the courage to state that America needs to repent, and no other action will solve her moral and social issues.

So, I diminish Mark’s book by one star. Is the book worth purchasing and reading? Absolutely yes! Does the book hit at the true root problem with Amurika? No. I know that Mark has a wonderful faith in God, and though we don’t expect him to become a soul-coach or preacher-man, perhaps his next book could attack the loss of faith among all, liberals and conservatives alike.