The School Revolution

The School Revolution, A New Answer for Our Broken Education System, by Ron Paul ★★★★
This book is a lengthy and massive appeal for homeschooling. The arguments presented by Paul are good but could have been better. We live in an age where every parent should now seriously consider removing their children from government schools. Paul suggests that kids learn to be more independent and disciplined and that they tend to transform from needing teachers to self-educating themselves at an earlier age with homeschooling. He spends perhaps too much time stressing education that corrects the mistakes of government school, especially in economics. This list could have been much longer, including literature, and the sciences. Paul makes an appeal for his own homeschool curriculum, which he is currently working on, though he admits that it is geared for only the top 10% of students. In that curriculum, he expects students to be fluent at posting videos on uTube and essays on their personal website—actually not a bad idea. He suggests that the internet can be a valuable source for education in today’s world. I am concerned that the internet provides the same pitfalls as government schools, and must be used judiciously. In summary, this is not a bad book but is a slight bit ideological that homeschooling is a simple answer to government or private schools. Yet, I think that every parent should now seriously weigh the possibility of homeschooling quite seriously.