The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits TV series ★★★★
The Outer Limits, like The Twilight Zone, were the two serials that I remember as a child. Both of them tended to give me nightmares. They don’t seem to be too spooky anymore. Comparing the two series, I would say that the Outer Limits tended to be “scarier”, in that there were more scary monsters and creepy scenes. But after reviewing both series, I would say that the Twilight Zone had better episodes, tended to offer a clearer message with each episode, and had more compelling plots. Both series tended to repeat similar stories or themes, such as travel back in time, a monster appearing that either was actually benign, or that required uncanny skills to control or eliminate, or adventures of space travelers on another planet. Each episode of the Outer Limits was an hour-long, compared to the Twilight Zone where the episodes were 1/2 hour, with the exception of one year worth of episodes that ran for an hour. All in all, I enjoyed the Twilight Zone more but found both as interesting displays of quality television from years past.