The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must be Crazy I and II ★★★★
It was fitting to watch these films on return from Africa. The first is the story of an African bushman, seeking to get rid of a coke bottle that his tribe thinks is bringing trouble to the tribe, a renegade revolutionary, and his group of bandits, a scientist studying animals of the Kalahari, and a school teacher. Their lives all collide in a most interesting fashion in this film, reflecting the conflict of cultures occurring in Africa.
The Gods Must Be Crazy II is a continuation of the same theme, this time also with multiple stories threading together, one with the bushman trying to find his children, another with elephant tusk poachers, another with a New York female lawyer accidentally stuck in the brush, etc. The story similarly resolves itself.
There is supposedly a GMBC III  which reportedly is not worth watching. These two films are entertaining but not in the top 100 of best films of all time.