The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers, starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd ★★★★
I give this movie four stars a touch reluctantly since it is really gutter cinema-photography, about which I have ranted in the past. There are no real sexual smut, just bad language, and antics of very bad behavior. The film is quite dated, and most of the jokes are worn out. In spite of all that, it is a funny film, leaving you in suspense as to the outcome, if you don’t remember it from the last time you watched it. John Belushi gets out of prison and immediately gets in trouble from the law again, spending his time with his brother running from the law, while simultaneously trying to re-start their band and raise money for the convent school in which they were raised. Special effects are quite plentiful, such as when they drive their car through a mall, destroying everything, followed by multiple police cars, all of which were destroyed. Having lived in Chicago, it was nice to see the town again.