Roger Ramjet TV Series

Roger Ramjet ★★★★
Roger Ramjet ran as a short series many years ago and is remembered well by me, as actually being an adult cartoon, with many insinuations that only could be understood by an adult. Unfortunately, there are only 120 of the 156 episodes here in this collection, but, that’s better than nothing. It is a bit challenging, having to tolerate the lengthy initial theme song and ending song, which occupied nearly 1/2 of each 5-10 minute episode. Yet, it’s worth watching. Roger is the hero who saves America from the bad guys, like Noodles Romanoff. In the meantime, multiple jokes are made about American culture and ideology, making it a most enjoyable series to watch. If only somebody would edit out all the intro and ending pieces. This is a wonderful piece of nostalgia from the 1960s but still understood with jokes that would stand today.