Rambo Triology

Rambo Trilogy with Silvester Stallone       First Blood ★★★★★, First Blood Part Two ★★★★,   Rambo Three ★★★
It’s hard to believe that I have never seen any of the Rambo films since they’ve been out for a number of years now. I’ve also not seen any of the Rocky films but have no intention of watching them. Rambo was very entertaining, though moderately violent. In the first film of the series, Rambo is a returning Viet Nam veteran who is unjustly arrested by a small-town Amerikan cop as being a vagrant, but who escapes and is pursued into the woods by the red-neck police force. Ultimately, he gives himself up, but only after extreme pain from the small-town police. If the second film, Rambo is recruited to identify whether there were Amerikan prisoners of war still being held in Viet Nam. Rambo finds a prison camp that has Amerikan prisoners and eventually proceeds to free them, learning that the government had no intention of rescuing them, but instead faking that they looked for prisoners and found none. In the third film, Rambo goes to Afghanistan to help rescue the poor peace-loving Afghans from the nasty Soviets. In all the films, Stallone is an awesome actor, and the scenery and filming are stupendous. The first film is correct that the government really does give a hoot about you as an individual. In the second film, the statement is stronger, that the government is actually our enemy. Stallone makes a summary statement that he loves his country even though his country doesn’t love him. In the third film, Amerika is posed as the rescuer of Afghanistan from the terrible Soviets. I’m sure we now wish that we would have left the Soviets be. Oddly, our government never learns from its mistakes and is now the replacement to the evil Soviets. The Rambo series makes a statement now that never was intended when filmed, and is an entertaining watch.