Praying the Lord’s Prayer

Praying the Lord’s Prayer, by JI Packer ★★★★★
I’ve always enjoyed reading Packer, and have had a special affinity for his writings since I took a class from him. He writes exactly the way he speaks, so one can read him and hear him talking to you. Packer has a distinction of being not only one of the most brilliant people alive today but also a most personable character. This short book must not be read in a single sitting, though it could be easily read in 1-2 hours. Packer provides a gold mine, with every sentence and phrase loaded with gems to ponder. He skillfully brings new life to the prayer we have recited so often at home and at church, and yet really never considered the implications of what we are saying. From the rich manifestations of what it means to have God as our father, and how the prayer is more fitting of a child speaking to a parent, there remain glorious logical products of that relationship that few could ever boast. This book is a must-read- but read it slowly, no speed reading, and let Packer help you grasp the Lord’s prayer in a new and fresh way.