Pee Wee

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure ★★★★★, Big Top Pee Wee ★★
Pee Wee starred in a tv series, after which these two full movie productions were based. Paul Reubens eventually was removed from the children’s tv circuit for immoral behavior in public, though the films themselves are clean. The Big Adventure is with Pee Wee having his bicycle stolen, and then going off to find it. It is full of Pee Wee humor, and Pee Wee is at his best. The follow-up film, Big Top Pee Wee was a total flop, with Pee Wee dumping his fiancee to join the circus. There is very little humor in the second movie as compared to the first, and the storyline fails in all respects. The Big Adventure deserves a watch, as an example of classic clean humor.