Obama Will Save Us

I’ve written often regarding the new health care system under our national clown – Obama. Whether or not the health care agenda of Obama goes through remains to be seen. Yet, it really doesn’t matter, since any failure of the democratic agenda only means that it will take just several more years for all the facets of his plan to settle into place. The greatest disappointment was receiving an e-mail from Dr. Lunzy Britt, who I know quite well, who as the director of the American College of Surgeons Board of Regents, informed us that our college is siding with the Obama agenda. I presume that skin color may be playing a small role since both the Lunz and Barack originate from a race with innately darker skin than the pilgrims that settled this land. We wait with bated breath. The American College of Surgeons has almost no private practice surgeons in its leadership, and so increasingly don’t speak for the surgeon in the trenches. Maybe it’s time to drop out of the ACS?