Luther, starring Joseph Fiennes ★★★★★
This is the third or fourth time that I have seen this film, but have not yet reviewed it. There are several video histories of Martin Luther that have been made, but I feel this to be the best. I have only seen the film in German. J. Fiennes makes a perfect Luther, and the script seems to not deviate too wildly from the history that we have of Luther in order to sensationalize matters. Luther does not need “Hollywood-ization”, yet they still did a moderate amount of this, such as with the mother of a crippled child, and the adulating crowds. Also, they tended to make Luther appear like a dolt in the Augustiner Kloster, yet most history reports him to be quite brilliant even at that time. So, the historical data was reasonable, but not perfect. This is a good film to watch, but hopefully, you also take the time to read books about the Reformation to find out what really happened, and the real theological underpinnings of the Reformation.