Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine ★★
It has recently come into vogue to show highly pathological families doing highly pathological activities, and we are supposed to consider that humorous. Such is the case with this film. Fortunately, except for the foul mouth of the grandfather, as well as his drug-using activities, most of what we see is not terribly offensive and can be watched by even young children. This is not a film to inspire one to do greater things. It is cesspool cine photography. It does not make a moral point or suggests that the behaviors are either wrong or that there might be a higher aspiration in life. The greatest humor is when “Little Miss Sunshine” Olive does a faux striptease venue for the beauty contest. Both the pseudo-moral reaction of the judges as well as the accepted humor of the matter actually were not funny. I found it hard except in a few spots to see the comedy in this film. Not worth watching.