l’Histore d’Adele H

l’Histore d’Adele H., by François Truffaut ★★★★
This is actually a true story of the daughter of Victor Hugo, driven mad out of love for a soldier in the British army, and moving to Halifax, Canada, then later to the Caribbean, to be with him. The acting was superb, and the storyline engaging, the filming was outstanding, as fitting for one of the greatest film directors of France, F. Truffaut. This is a rather clean film, no violence, no sex, nothing offensive for children, but better connected with real-life (it was real life!) than the fictional stories of Jane Austin, thus, making it a believable love (hate?) story. Highly recommended. Not really a guy film, but good to watch when one is learning French. Oui, oui! There are English subtitles so that even Betsy enjoyed the film.