Knowing God

Knowing God, by JI Packer ★★★★★
I had read this book before, but, being in Bangladesh, I had finished all the books that I had brought along. Glancing over the guest house library, I was left with only a few choices of books that grabbed my attention. I decided that it was time to re-read Knowing God. Having taken a class in systematic theology from Dr. Packer, it was like hearing him afresh, and he writes very similarly to the manner in which he speaks. The book is composed of three parts. The first part argues for the necessity of getting to know God better, and the possibility of doing that through Scripture. The second is an exposition on the attributes of God, His wisdom, strength, holiness, and wrath, to name a few. Finally, the third part discusses what God has done for us, including propitiation of our sins, adoption as children. The second read was many years after the first but read quite freshly. Packer is an extremely capable writer, and this book is especially worthy of repeated re-reads. Packer calls for holiness and zeal for God in the Christian life that should be normative for all Christians. This book is not only basic doctrine, but a much deeper exploration of our position in Christ. It is not a light read. It cannot be read in a night or two. Packer is thick. And rich. Knowing God is a gold mine worthy of multiple reads by all Christians.