Karajan: A Film by Dornheim

Karajan – A film by Dornheim ★★★
This is not exactly a music review, but rather, the review of a film about a musician. This film attempts a limited biography of Karajan, one of many, including comments of many musicians still alive that have played under his baton. The film is mildly biographical but very limited in its scope as a biography. It certainly deals with the complex nature of this man, thought by some to be warm and friendly, others, to be cold and distant. It starts from his early career at his birthplace in Salzburg, ending in his painful last few years while suffering severe back pain and conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Each phase in his life is given only cursory treatment while tending to be positive as a whole. Thus, a film worth watching for Karajan fans, but not the best film biography of the man.