Inside Islam

Inside Islam, Reza Safa ★★★★
Seeking further insights into the Islam mind, I decided to read this book, which was written by a former militant Shiite Muslim who converted to the Christian faith. Safa takes a fairly even-handed approach, going light on his Muslim brothers and sisters, which speaks of the inconsistencies of the Islam faith that drove him to Christianity.  I appreciated the book because it was not only easy to read but contained a tone of writing that left you feeling you talking directly to Reza. What he says seemed to be coming from his heart and emotions, rather than just an emotional diatribe or intellectual comparison of the Islam vs. Christian faith. He was especially able to address the Christian hypocrisy which seems to rule in the West. Apparently, he has Pentecostal leanings. I take it, he now is living  in Norway. His English is superb. His heart for reaching out to Muslims is contagious.