Home to Rainier National Park, Carbon River Road

Went via Orting Valley, Wilkinson, Carbonado, then returned up Pioneer to Canyon Rd, 75 miles. Beautiful conditions, and was able to see Mt. Rainier well. No camera, unfortunately, to document the event. Nice first outdoor ride of the year. Moderate hilly outside of the Orting Valley and road quality was poor but constantly uphill, once you get to South Prairie. I came within about a mile of the park entrance, turning back only because there was quite a bit of snow around me, and it was getting to be rather chilly, not being totally dressed for deep freeze conditions. Coming back, I encountered Doug & Margie with the Chases, taking a stroll along the Orting Valley. I guess they weren’t used to high-velocity items propelling into them on the trail. I also stopped for a bite to eat in Orting. This is a nice trail for uphill training.