Hell on Wheels (Höllentour), starring Team T-mobile ★★★★

Hell on Wheels is a documentary of the 2003 Tour de France from the viewpoint of the riders on the T-Mobile team, with a special focus on Eric Zabel. It was an intimate account that documented the frustrations, exhaustions, and rare joy that occurs when competing in the Tour. The film is in German, with a moderate amount of French, and occasional English, but with subtitles to make it all work. This movie did not show what would be seen on television. It showed rather what one would see and sense as a rider or intimate spectator of the tour, including the set-up of cameras, conversations with the T-mobile riders between days, and expression of the moods of the moment when riding the Tour. Between scenes, clips of historic Tour de France scenes were shown. The Tour has come a long way! For Tour de France aficionados, this film will be a delight.