Handbook for Touring Cyclists

The Handbook for Touring Bicyclists, by Frosty Wooldridge ★★
Somewhere on the internet, I found this book as a highly recommended review of cycle touring. Frosty is apparently a self-acclaimed adventurer as well as a gourmet cook (though he is also a vegetarian). Thus, he combines his passions for adventure, bicycling, and cooking into this book. The book is in two main parts, the first on touring tips and the second on touring cooking. Touring tips include advice on packing saddlebags, bear proofing your camp, etc. The second part, on food, talks about purchasing food, carrying it, and a list of his favorite recipes. While I found a few helpful hints on packing and food management, there really wasn’t much in the book that I could say was informative. Frosty talks a lot about himself and his own personal tastes but doesn’t provide a useful handbook for either the novice or serious touring cyclist.