Day of Reckoning

Pat Buchanan, Day of Reckoning ★★★★★
Buchanan, in his inimitable style, discusses the many things on his mind that he feels are wrong with America. His sweep of subjects is quite large, covering the destructive ideology of multiculturalism and racism, the loss of public morality, our inability to develop a clear policy toward immigrants that supports American interests, the serious trade imbalance in the name of “free markets”, the loss of America’s industrial base, American imperialism throughout the world, with disastrous consequences on our friends and dose who are not our enemies, specific foreign policy blunders also being mentioned, from our recent treatment of Russia and Iran, all attesting to a direction that very well will lead to the downfall of the USA. This book is a valuable book for those who regard America as home, and who choose not to expatriate. Highly recommended and an easy read.