Beethoven: Complete Masterpieces Sony

Beethoven Complete Masterpieces, Sony, 60 CD Limited Edition ★★★★
This is my third complete Beethoven, and I just acquired a fourth, so thought a review would be in order. It would be difficult for me to rate the various sets since each is superbly performed though with different styles and performers.
Deutsche Grammophone – Probably the best, though the most expensive.
Amado – Generally uses smaller orchestras, and less well know performers, but all impeccably done
Sony- This review – see below
Brilliant – Brilliant will be reviewed later (once I listen to it), but was a total steal of $125 for 85 discs, of many superb performances, many published in the past, including the string quartets and symphonies and superb in their own right, but combined into a total bargain basement collection.
Ok, back to the Sony set review. In all, this is not a complete Beethoven, and many lesser works were omitted. Still, it doesn’t hurt the set. I paid about $99 for this set, which is a total bargain, considering that the recordings were technically impeccable, and the performances themselves were flawless. For those who love Beethoven, I’d advise one to purchase all four sets. For the less ambitious, any one of these four sets would be quite adequate, giving one many hours of delightful music.