1. Adventure #1 – cycling with Aaron in the Willamette Valley 12-13JUL2013
Oddly, I didn’t get any cycling photos, as I didn’t want to carry a heavy camera along, and I was riding my new Gran Feuchto, which doesn’t have any racks.  You can see the course of the rides for each of the two days here…
a) Saturday
b) Sunday 
Here of some photos that were taken while NOT riding…
Aaron and I relaxing on the back porch
Aaron reading in the backyard Hammock
Anita shows her green thumb in the garden. They have raised gardens.
The backyard greenhouse
Aaron built a shed in the backyard with an extension to hold a hammock. A MOST brilliant idea!
2. Adventure #2 – Backpacking with the Flanagan Grandchildren to Summit Lake 19-20JULY2013.
I had promised Patrick and Sammy a backpacking trip this year, but wasn’t feeling in tiptop shape so decided on a shorter hike, 2.5 miles but mostly straight up. We decided that since the hike was short, we would also take Ethan. The kids were a total joy to have along, watching them discover the delights of getting out into the wild and discovering the unknown.
Summit Lake. The hill in the background is what we were standing on in the next photo.
A wonderful view of Mt. Rainier from Summit Hill
The loop around the lake without our packs on
Patrick in great style. The kids were frequently preoccupied with the snow.
Massive fields of glacier lilies were noted. They grow only in a small region of the NW.
Tired children reluctant to wake up the next morning.
Three happy children and one happy dad at the end of the trip.
This was the first trip in which I was able to utilize my new camera, an EOS M. It is a mirrorless camera, with the same resolution and controls as most of the EOS rebel line, 18 MPixel, APC format, but with interchangeable lenses. Its action in focusing and taking photos is a little slow, which okay for mostly scenic and landscape photos. There is no flash, but I have a very small flash designed to work with the camera. One can also put a gps apparatus on the camera.
Canon EOS M.