A Humpty Dumpty World

Today I wax philosophical and political, sneaking in a blog before our trip to Europe.
Above, you see the building being torn down that Dr. Knittel built about 20 years ago. It was still a very good office, just located in the wrong place, close to St. Samaritan Hospital. The rooms that you see being chewed away by the crane are probably one of the rooms Sarah went to have her pre-natal check-ups with Dr. Eun. Edstrom and Eun had legal first right of refusal on purchasing the building, but the hospital, being bigger and stronger and more politically correct, avoided the law by means I know not how, and purchased the land to build a new hospital. True, St. Samaritan needs a new hospital, but not at the expense of its integrity. Lesson: when somebody or some institution advertises their honesty, know that they are lying.
New topic. As Betsy and I are preparing for yet another trip to the Vaterland, our thoughts reflect on the history of the region. I am currently listening to Prof. Thomas Childers’ lectures on WWII. He is superb, and you can get his lecture series from www.teachco.com. Some people will read my comments and think that I am some left-wing wacko liberal pro-Nazi, pro-bad, pro-evil commentator. Think what you will, but I will not let the prevalent left or right opinion determine my opinions, as public opinion has been more often than not wrong throughout history. I am conservative, not neo-conservative. My vote will be for President Ron Paul, even if McCain happens to have the Republican nomination.
History is written by the “victors”, who usually get things wrong, I ask what history might have been written if the “losers” wrote the history. To this, I thank Uncle Herbert, who introduced me to Joachim Fernau, a total must-read, if one can read German, as I don’t think he will ever be translated into English. Two books are a must, “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” and “Halleluja, die Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten”, translated “Germany above all”, and “Hallelujah, the History of the United States”.
Okay, back to WWII. What is the scoop? Germany invades Poland. England and France have a pact with Poland to defend them against invaders. They declare war on Germany. Germany has no interest in a war with France and England but now have no choice. England’s defense is that they must stop aggression. Stop. Ask the Indians (in India) about British aggression! England controlled 1/3 of the earth’s surface, and they were worried about aggression? Nicht verstehe!!! England must stop aggression, so long it was not them that was being aggressive. They must defend Poland. The raison d’être for WWII was the protection of Polish sovereignty. Strangely, England had no qualms about giving Poland to the Soviets after the war, who made life worse in Poland than anything that Germany ever did. Oh, but you say, the Germans were killing the Jews!!! Yea, right. That was true, and that was wrong. Just don’t mention that England expelled the Jews, France expelled the Jews, Spain expelled the Jews, Italy ghettoized the Jews, and Stalin murdered about 2.5x as many Jews as Adolf. Besides, Adolf simply wanted to export the Jews, and England blockaded that effort.
So, the USA enters WWII after being attacked? Whoa! Try again, Pedro! The USA never ever ever ever behaved neutrally toward England, France, Japan or Germany. First, England should have never entered the war and backed out peacefully. The USA should have reprimanded Great Britain. France? One seems to forget that France and Germany always seem to occupy each other temporarily, and things would have worked out. Remember the French version of Hitler (Napoleon), who is still honored by the French!!!! Can you believe that? It would be like the Germans set up a memorial to honor Hitler!!! Really! Read the life of Napoleon. He was totally disgusting, just like Adolf. The French temporarily occupied Germany in the early 1800s but had to be forced out. In 1870, the Germans occupied France but did not have to be forced out, as they left peacefully. The blame for WWI will never be resolved (contrary to the treaty of Versailles), but probably all parties were equally responsible. The USA NEVER was neutral in any of these wars, in spite of our profuse profession of innocence. During the first phases of WWII, we were actively supplying England with massive, I mean, massive amounts of aid, just like WWI. No wonder Germany should take umbrage. And then, in the south Pacific, we were actively interfering in politics of the region, aiding China, who themselves were divided extremely, and later blocked Japanese ability to obtain oil. We had no reason to do that. The region would have sorted things out. There were virtually no American interests at stake, save for our occupation of the Philippines. We left Japan with absolutely no choice, save to go to war with the US. The ultimate result is that we ended up with China in an even bigger mess than ever, with communism overtaking the country—we could not have had China’s best interests in mind. WWII is often presented as a moral war of good against evil.  Really now? Stalin was our ally!!! Stalin was nuttier, crazier, loonier, eviler than Hitler at his worst. Stalin was our friend. We would support him by any means possible, knowing that he would return a kind deed to us, and liberate his population after the war. Yea, right.
The total aftermath of WWII was simple. England wanted to maintain their world hegemony and lost it. The Soviets, with Stalin still in control, were able to engage in continued lunacy through to the end of the twentieth century. Germany and Japan were humiliated, and then became the strongest economic states in their parts of the world, and the USA, hoping to replace Great Britain as the controller of the world but not learning their lessons, is now getting into a mess wherever the USA sets foot. Only a few sane voices, such as that of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, seem to understand what a mess we are making of ourselves. The end of the book Halleluja by Fernau delineates the wars that the USA has been in in the twentieth century. It is just astounding, the length of the list. We are numb to how the US has its fingers into every part of the globe, wanting to control and dominate. Unfortunately, we will experience the same fate as Great Britain. We will wake up too late. When, we (the USA) fall off the wall, who will be there to put us (US) back together again?