Mar 03

Ron Paul

Today was Caucus day, and I went very reluctantly. Believe it or not, Ron Paul showed up in Puyallup. Betsy and I got to shake his hands, hear him speak, and cheer him on. The caucus was the most attended ever, and I think that Ron Paul supporters had a lot to do with it, even though few knew that he would be in Puyallup. In all, the 25th district gave Ron a very strong showing!  Here are a few photos of the meeting…

They expected only 750 caucus members, and over 2000 showed. This was the largest ever, spirited on by strong Ron Paul supporters, few of knew he would be here.

Ron was able to give a short speech. He is quite articulate without notes or reader board.

Dr. Bruce Romig and Dr. Ron Paul

My friend Wally Nash was there. Wally tends to make good decisions, but he's for one of those other characters that remind me of Barry Obama.

This afternoon we’ll go to the post-caucus party. Rooting on Ron!



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